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What You Need to Know –

The materials presented here at TheDiversifiedTrader.com are for your informational and educational purposes only and represent the opinions of the owner.  TheDiversifiedTrader.com does not offer investment, legal or tax advice of any kind and any analysis displayed with various tools does not constitute investment, legal or tax advice and should not be interpreted as such. Using the data and analysis contained in the materials for reasons other than the informational and educational purposes intended is at the user’s own risk.

TheDiversifiedTrader.com is not responsible for any losses that may occur from transactions effected based upon information or analysis contained in the presented materials.  Specific trading ideas or strategies discussed in the presentations or materials are entirely illustrative and do not constitute a solicitation of a transaction (or transactions) or a recommendation to execute a particular transaction or implement a particular trading strategy.  To the extent that you make use of the concepts within the presentation material, you are solely responsible for your related trading or investment decisions.  Use caution when entering any transaction, including those evolving from the concepts herein presented, and it is recommended you consult with your financial advisor for investment, legal or tax advice before completing any investment transaction.  Remember, any investment or financial product is inherently risky and not suitable for everyone, and past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results.

Look to The Diversified Trader to help you decide on your best course to wealth building success through education.


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