High Option Volume ETFs

This is a list of ETFs I’ve researched and found to meet the criteria for tradeable Swing Trading candidates and have used them for specialized searches and trading.  It’s a good list to limit your universe and give you a chance to learn something about each one.  Again, this is an effort to reduce clutter and be able to focus your efforts where it counts.  It also lets you use options without having to look up the volumes every time, and you’ll know the bid/ask spreads are good.  You’ll find leveraged ETFs and inverse ETFs to give you a range of choices to cover most market conditions.  Enjoy.


DIA Dow Jones Industrial Index
EEM MSCI Emerging Markets
EWW MSCI Mexico IMI Index
EWZ MSCI Brazil Index
FAS Direxion Financial Bull 3 X
FAZ Direxion Financial Bear 3 X
FXE Euro Currency
FXI China Large-Cap
GDX Gold Miners
GLD Gold Shares
IWM Russell 2000 Index
IYR US Real Estate
OIH Oil Services
QQQ NASD 100 Index
RSX MVIS Russia Index
SDS S&P 500 Index 2 X
SLV Silver Trust
SMH Semiconductor Index
SPY S&P 500 Index
TBT Ultrashort (-2 X) 20+ Treasury
TLT 20+ Year Treasury Bond
TNA Direxion Russell 2000 Bull 3 X
TZA Direxion Russell 2000 Bear 3 X
UNG US Natural Gas Fund
USO US Oil Fund
UUP DB US Dollar Futures Index
VXX S&P 500 VIX Index Futures
XBI S&P Biotech Index
XLB Materials Index
XLE Energy Index
XLF Financial Sector
XLI Industrial Sector
XLK Technology Sector
XLP Consumer Staples
XLU Utilities Sector
XLV Health Care Sector
XLY Consumer Discretionary
XME S&P Metals & Mining
XOP S&P Oil & Gas Exploration
XRT S&P Retail Sector



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