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The Rest of My Mission

Mission Possible

Helping People Create and Manage Their Own Wealth – 

In the last twenty years, going from using managed accounts with large retail brokerage houses to trading my own account, I have been exposed to what “the markets” can and will do, along with slowly learning that, for all the promotional hype, the traditional institutions have little expertise or interest in managing your wealth to successfully overcome the many risks inherent in the markets — some people are still recovering from the 2000-2009 market turmoil.

I think it was around 2005, after I had been looking for professional managers who were able to trade with the fluctuating markets and employed some sort of risk management, that I came to realize that no such utopia existed.

The best the institutions could do, according to these professionals, was beat the market.

The Market they were referring to is the S&P 500 Index.  If the index went down 20% and the manager only lost 19% of your money, the manager was happy and probably got a bonus.  But I wasn’t happy and began looking for alternatives, still within the institutional arena, until the 2008 crash when it became clear:

  • Even with professional financial planning and investment advice, the risk to your financial health can be devastating.  How does anyone get started building their wealth in that environment?
  • Timing is everything, but the odds of being in the right place (asset class) at the right time is very low.  How many people put all their liquid assets into good high-yielding bonds in early 2000 just before the “.com” bubble burst?
  • The greater risk in the marketplace to the individual is “investing” with the institutions and adhering to their “Buy and Hold for the long-term” approach.  People fully invested in the market took a financial bath as everything the institutions were doing collapsed around them.


A better way had to be found

How can people live in a world where their finances are in jeopardy every day?  I was convinced that management techniques could be developed to not only survive financially but be able to grow one’s assets through any market condition and provide the opportunity to start building wealth without the risk of being in the wrong place at the wrong time.  My next question was:

Where do I look for that better way to manage one’s financial destiny?

I had been gathering information on individual programs that sounded like they could help, but I hadn’t yet formed any conclusions.  After 2008, my quest became a mission.  I saw a financial advisor that I had been working with go under as a result of the institutional mindset and dedicated myself to finding that better way.

An overriding principle I found, as you can imagine, is that you have to take control of your own destiny and actively manage your financial well-being.  By “managing” I mean determining your wealth building plan and then choosing the different trading Styles to use to make the plan work and taking the responsibility to put the plan into action by using the right Methods.

I’ll go into this concept more in Manage Your Own Money – Don’t Invest It, but it involves finding the right expertise for each part of your plan and managing those entities, rather than having to trade the market on your own.  From everything I’ve learned, the direction I’ll be taking here to grow and protect your wealth will be towards getting you involved in the management process.  By changing your mindset and graduating from passive investing to embrace active management and every level of involvement in between, the active ingredient will be You.


The Rest of My Mission Then Became to:

  • Provide a platform to enable anyone to build and personally manage a Wealth Building Plan specific to their needs, including inspiration and knowledge, so they can form a mindset centered on taking control of their financial well-being.
  • Help reduce the failure rate among retail traders and investors who try to find that path to success on their own, by providing a framework for making better wealth management decisions with the proper structure.
  • Eliminate the painstaking work of trying to find the right wealth building path through trial and error and save everyone from the process of jumping from one system or program to another in search of a very elusive financial dream.
  • Help people understand the difference between what the financial services industry is selling and what’s really in their best interest, so they can learn how to manage their financial destiny with knowledge and direction.
  • Research and develop the best prescription for everyone’s Wealth Building Plan and find the best expertise in the marketplace to make all the plans work and meet everyone’s goals.  Your Trading Partners are the end result of my search.

Your Trading Partners
The Key to Success


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You might say, I want The Diversified Trader to be your “Independent Wealth Building Agency” in that I want you to have a place where you can find the best path to wealth building success for your specific needs with the odds of achieving your goals stacked in your favor.  The confusing maze of choices in the marketplace make finding the path to your financial future very elusive; so, having an “independent agency” that specializes in the process puts you on the right path to financial success.

My overall mission is to use my experience to help you develop a solid wealth building plan and then find the best expertise in the marketplace to get you to your goals, so you don’t end up wandering through the maze and only finding dead ends.  See where it leads by developing a new mindset when you learn your best avenue to financial success is to Manage Your Own Money – Don’t Invest It – your next step in this journey.


Changing Your Mindset Will Change Your Financial Future



To Finding the Best Path to Success,

Ted Bliss
Your Research & Development Coordinator



  1. Roger Humbke
    February 28, 2018 @ 9:11 am

    I will be spending some serious time on your website and referring my daughters in their 50’s. I have invested or managed stocks, futures, precious metals, penny mining stocks and now cryptocurrencies. It’s never too late to get a new view of investing that will bring clarity and confidence to the speculator/investor.

    My main interest in blockchain technology is regarding how it can make the education industry meet the needs of all earthlings, not just those with access to public education and universities. They need to also earn a living so your efforts in financial education is another critical part of the puzzle of life.


    • Ted Bliss
      February 28, 2018 @ 12:36 pm

      Hi Roger:
      Thanks for your positive interest in my message and your insights into the need for this kind of education. I’ve spent many years in the marketplace and found it lacking in direction and being able to meet the needs of the serious wealth builder. Many people don’t even know they have the capability to manage their own money and create wealth. I’m emphasizing “Trading for Long-Term Growth” rather than Investing. In my mind, Investing is a mindset that relies on the actions of others or the occurrence of events outside the control of the individual. The institutional crowd is always “investing” your money and putting it at the mercy of the “market”. I’m trying to change that equation and put the individual in control of their financial destiny.

      As you’ll see, I’m not finished with the website yet. I’ve found that the individual can’t hope to navigate the markets on their own, so part of my mission is to recommend “Your Trading Partners” to fulfill specific areas of one’s wealth building plan. The marketplace is filled with alternatives (good and bad), and it’s very difficult, to say the least, to find anything that works for you. My next step is to bring the services I know will fill the bill in those specific areas into The Diversified Trader, so people have a way to put my concepts into action for themselves. Nothing beats practical application.

      There’s a lot to learn before one dives into taking control of their financial future. Thanks again for your words of wisdom. Ted


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