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Industry Leading Forex Trading Education Programs –

IntraDay Trading and Swing Trading Foreign Currency Pairs

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Market Traders Institute, Inc.
3900 Millenia Blvd.
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Forex Trading

Free Book:10 Keys to Forex Trading” by Jared Martinez – MTI Founder.

The Foreign Currency Exchange market

Largest Financial Market in the World

Trades 24 Hours/Day for Five and a Half Days/Week

Limited High-Volume Markets to Analyze

Small Account Friendly

Very Liquid


Finding the right Trading Partner in the Foreign Currency market for all the aspiring and seasoned wealth builders of the world was a very perplexing task.  Sifting through all the different Forex education sites and brokers around the world just confused the issue of knowing which one would fill the needs of the individual wealth builder without losing control over risk management.

Professional education and guidance in trading the Forex markets turned out to be a key ingredient in building a life of independent wealth management.

My quest to find the best partner in the Forex market was well worth the search.  Today, Market Traders Institute has grown into a world respected trading and education powerhouse in the largest and most liquid market in the world.

You’ve come to the right place to find your home trading the Forex markets.

Market Traders Institute has everything it takes to be successful IntraDay Trading or Swing Trading the Forex Market.  With their background and solid expertise in the world of currency trading, they offer the finest education and trading methods I could find.  You can count on Market Traders Institute to get you on the right track and be there for the long relationship you need to get a good handle on your financial destiny.  Here’s a look at a few of the advantages I like and why Market Traders Institute excels in the currency world:

  • Major strengths lie in Market Traders Institute’s management of the trading systems they create.  And they’re continually looking at new ways to conquer the very fickle markets we’re all trying to use to ensure our financial wellbeing.  Automated Forex Trading using Artificial Intelligence (AI) concepts is just one of the areas they’ve introduced to give the individual trader the edge.  This dynamic approach is the key to a successful system and overcomes the problem of changing market conditions that usually destroy most systems.
  • Specific Forex Pairs to trade for all world market conditions and Styles of trading enhance productivity to “know your market”, and regular analysis of all active markets to determine the best ones to trade keeps everyone ahead of the market.  Having the right markets to trade within individual systems greatly improves efficiency and increases the probability of a positive outcome.
  • Outstanding education in all facets of the industry makes your wealth building journey as smooth as possible.  With dedicated professionals leading the way and guiding you through the process, the success you want is at your fingertips.  Four Trading Rooms cap it all off by expanding on all that education and teaching you the application of everything you’ve learned.  Get your free book, 12 Ways a Trading Room Could Help traders avoid account-crippling roadblocks, to see what practical, hands-on education can do for your success rate.
  • The Best Forex Trading Platform developed by Market Traders Institute for their students and Forex professionals around the world, SmartTrader will compliment your Forex education and trading to give you that edge in the market, and Smart Trader seamlessly connects with a variety of brokers to make your life a breeze.

All of that is just the beginning of the advantages you’ll see and learn by getting involved with Market Traders Institute.  Take a look at some other great ways to get started:

  • Learn “a powerful Day Trading Strategy” from legendary Forex trader Tyson Clayton by signing up for his Free VIP Session to see what it’s all about, or go right to the live training for just a one-time fee of $47.
  • If you know something about the Forex market, dive right into Tyson Clayton’s Money Flow Trading Room to get his vision of IntraDay & Swing Trading the Forex markets and how he thinks of it as “Spinning Pips into Gold”.
  • For the beginners among us wanting to trade Forex solo, get a free book and video detailing 5 Beginner Mistakes Traders Make to improve your mindset about how to make Trading Forex a part of your life.  Hint: Market Traders Institute is your key to success.


Here’s To Lasting Success,

Ted Bliss
Your Research & Development Coordinator


If you’re new to one of the best markets in the world for the individual to trade, How to Trade Forex will give you some insight into how the market works and why the market is so popular in all four corners of our planet.

If you’re not already in the loop, You Really Can Manage Your own Money will get you started building your financial dynasty, and then The Diversified Trader – An Overview will point you down the path to making it happen.