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Stocks & ETFs, Options, and more

Education and Trading Alerts – Day Trading and Swing Trading Stocks & ETFs, Options, Futures, Forex, and Crypto.

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Advanced education and trading for Medium to Large Accounts.

Technical Trading for:

· Stocks & ETFs

· Options

· Futures

· Currencies

· Crypto

401 N. Ashley Drive, Suite 172
Tampa, FL 33672

Founders: Nicholas Santiago & Gareth Soloway

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Build Your Own Financial Future

Starting Right Here

Respected around the world since 2007, Nick and Gareth have made InTheMoneyStocks into a leading service for Day Trading and Swing Trading Stocks & ETFs, Options, Futures, Forex, and Crypto.  They are the traders that make all their methods work and have spent years developing those methods into consistently winning programs.  Their PPT (Price, Pattern, and Time) methodology has put them in the leading position they enjoy to this day.

A theme I emphasize throughout The Diversified Trader website is that you’re the manager of your Wealth Building Plan and your money; the professional traders provide the expertise to make your Plan work.  That distinction cannot be overstated and is…

…the basis for your success in taking control of The Market to your advantage.

Based on my experience in the retail marketplace, I picked InTheMoneyStocks primarily for Nick and Gareth’s expertise and their mission to help people overcome the obstacles that the individual has in trying to trade successfully.  Nick and Gareth understand the plight of the individual trader and the disadvantage retail traders have in The Market controlled by the institutional players.

Nick and Gareth have dedicated their professional lives to tilting the playing field in favor of the individual trader.

They perfected their PPT methodology to help individual traders beat the hedge funds and Wall Street traders at their own game.  “Short-Term Trading for Long-Term Growth” and “Taking Advantage of the Market, Not Depending on It”, two of my objectives for your new trading mindset, is where Nick and Gareth can be the engine to bring those concepts to life.  Their philosophy is very much aligned with those objectives and will serve you well in managing your Wealth Building Plan and achieving the financial goals you’ve always wanted.

You’ll gain the confidence that your goals are now truly within reach.

InTheMoneyStocks is an integral part of the foundation you’ll be building to take control of your financial future.  Initially starting with Swing Trading Stocks, ETFs, and Options, expanding into other markets becomes a natural progression in your development.  Day Trading these markets comes next and can be incorporated into your Wealth Building Plan to add that income and risk management tool so necessary to maintaining a smooth growth curve.

Nick and Gareth have put together an outstanding trading environment all in one place to take advantage of The Market using their expertise and trading methodology to adjust to changing market conditions and maintain their exceptional success rate.

Nick and Gareth will become your foundation for success.

Here are some of the great things they have to offer to give you that advantage in the market:

In-Depth Education – You’re never at a loss for knowledge about how everything works.  From the beginning stages to becoming an advanced practitioner of the system, the education is there for whatever technical level you want to achieve.  Daily and weekly updates keep you on top of the market, and monthly webinars keep you in the game.

Getting Started

The Apprentice Trading Library is a great place to learn about what Nick and Gareth do and continue your wealth building journey and build the foundation for controlling your financial well-being on your own terms.

Reaching Elite Status

Advanced Trading Education will give you the basis for your next step to truly achieve financial independence and ensure you’re never at the mercy of The Market or the traditional financial services industry.

The PPT Methodology – Developed over years of collaboration, Nick and Gareth combined their individual technical expertise to create the unique application that proved to be the key to success.  Nick’s mastery of advanced technical studies and Gareth’s well-developed market trading systems that they use every day advance their member’s ability to outsmart The Market at every turn.

Methodology Revealed, the first course in the Advanced Trading Education section, is the popular game changing webinar that will set you up for a lifetime of successful wealth management as you learn advanced trading techniques using the PPT Methodology.

Live Day Trading Room – To the delight of its members, working with Stocks & ETFs, Futures, and Forex, Nick and Gareth have had an average 94% success rate over time.  The education you get by just being a part of this elite trading room is worth the price of admission, if not more.  As they say in their intro: “The Live Day Trading Room is for serious traders looking to advance their skills and profit for life.”  I’d start with at least a Medium account balance ($100k to $200k) to take advantage of the compounding that the great consistency within the system offers.

If you ever want to get control over your trading, the Live Day Trading Room is the place to be.

In Nick and Gareth’s own words: “Whether you are a new or seasoned trader, we welcome you and promise your mind will be blown with the accuracy of top/bottom alerts, trades, and analysis.”

Gareth Soloway’s Trading – Gareth trades Large, Mid, and Small Cap Stocks, ETFs, Commodities, Forex, and Crypto.  With Risk increasing with the length of time a position is held, Gareth has been able to maintain over an 80% success rate on all of his Swing Trades.  His service is geared toward more active traders and the potential that provides.

Verified Investing Alerts captures high-octane trades on Large, Mid, and Small cap Stocks, ETFs, Commodities, Currencies, and Crypto.  For active traders in love with market action and the ability to manage risk and adjust positions to minimize exposure.

Nick Santiago’s Trading – A well regarded expert in cycle theory and practice, Nick’s advanced analysis skills in Gann and Astro technical analysis put his members in a unique position to profit from the hidden truths that these studies reveal to the trained eye.  Not commonly used in the retail marketplace, Nick’s cycle analysis puts his trading ahead of the pack.  Seeing is believing.  His services are for that part of your portfolio that you want for consistent, longer-term growth.  You won’t have to watch the market as much to still make all your goals and dreams a reality.  Ideal for Trading for Growth (TG) and Trading for Wealth (TW1).

Bullseye Trading Alerts will cover trading in Stocks & ETFs, Commodity Futures, Real Estate, and currencies.  Nick’s expert insight into the markets he trades will give you a fantastic leg up at profiting longer-term to ensure growing your account on a consistent basis.

Bullseye Option Alerts brings you Swing Trades in Options to grow your account and provide the risk management to successfully manage a smooth, upward growth curve.  It’s a great service for Swing Trading Options as part of your overall plan.  Advanced traders can jump right in and take advantage of the accelerated growth opportunity.

The successes and consistency achieved by both traders is a testament to their dedication, and I applaud them for making their success known to the rest of us, so we all can have a shot at the brass ring.

Get started with InTheMoneyStocks, and make your Wealth Building Plan come alive.


Nick and Gareth work hard to give you that trading edge.


Here’s to Great Partners,

Ted Bliss
Your Research & Development Coordinator


If you’re new to all this and want to get started on the right track and create your Wealth Building Plan, read Education – The Path to Independent Wealth Management, and then The Diversified Trader – An Overview will show you the path to get there.

Your Trading Partners provide the expertise to make your Plan succeed.