Beyond Your Core Wealth Building Plan –

The Escape Valve for the Inquiring Mind –

One of the more important concepts I’ve emphasized throughout The Diversified Trader is to have Research & Developmentdiscipline and consistency in your core wealth building plan.  Having a plan and different trading cultures working within your plan give you the flexibility to manage your overall success very efficiently.  After you’ve established your plan and have the trading services in place, your job becomes to manage the individual pieces and take advantage of market fluctuations, the engine that will make your plan work.  A lot of the failure to get control of your financial future stems from not being disciplined in your approach.

That said, the need still arises to look at how we’re doing things and get answers on a variety of topics beyond the core planning and trading methods.  It’s always important to evaluate one’s position in an evolving world, and I’ve added the Experimental Category to allow for our continuing development with your input to make The Diversified Trader even better.  Some of the areas covered might be:

  •  Trading Methods – questions and concerns.
  • Changes to The Diversified Trader – Forums and other enhancements that would benefit the individual wealth builder.
  • Information on new developments.
  • Report on alternative developmental opportunities – do they really matter?
  • Answer questions not covered under specific categories that might have broad “need to know” implications.


This whole area is open for discussion and will help us all become better and better.


Let’s Grow Together,

Ted Bliss
Your Research & Development Coordinator